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Signed up for [livejournal.com profile] worlds_finest gift exchange! Have a tentative idea of where it's gonna go, just need to write it :/
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On another note, Wikipedia is that sneaky friend that stabs you in the back when you least expect it but it seems to be the only place to get a little information...or my google-fu skills just suck, probably a mix of both :( 
However, unless I want my Amazon story to be about treading the treacherous paths of internet shopping, shipping and receiving I've got no other option. *Le Sigh*


P.S I miss the days when I could stay up til 4 in the morning...


Nov. 19th, 2012 09:44 pm
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The cafe scene (@2:34)!! OMG SOMEONE WRITE IT!!!

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SV: Season 11 makes me want to cry...in a good way!! I seriously enjoyed the first issue so there goes more of my money :D 
WARNING: contains potentially spoilery images from 52: Superman #0

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is definitely not something to be proud of at this moment in time. Wow, have we fallen pretty far of off that high horse.
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CONGRATS to those who voted Obama! and to those who just didn't want Romney in office :)
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Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...



Nov. 4th, 2012 11:59 am
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Crime + Fairytales = EPIC! Finally something to soothe my Supernatural heartache :D
Also, given up on Arrow after 3 episodes >:[
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I love genderbenders! I do, I do, I doooooo XD But sometimes it’s hard to find an actress/actor that fits your own personal head!canon of who that (genderbent) person now is. For me, though, Girl!Dean was an easy fit to find. Milla has a similar look to Jensen Ackles, both with dirty blonde hair and those lovely, expressive eyes and kickass atttitudes. The height is a big thing for me as well; Milla isn’t tiny or short (though she isn’t exactly supermodel height either) which is great cause I’ve alway imagined Deanna to be on the tall side :P

I have only just recently found a good ref for Girl!Harry and she comes in the form of Kaya Scodelario. There is a certain wild scruffiness to her that gives Girl!Harry that extra edge and the two come together in my head so perfectly that it’s easy to imagine Harry skinning her knees and getting straight back up to glare her cousin down. Fem!harry

Rhona Mitra used to be my go to for Superwoman. Her dark features and strong form seemed to fit with the larger than life superhero that Superman is and Superwoman would be. However, Antje Traue has now taken her spot because there was always that one thing that Mitra needed to be absolutely perfect but doesn’t have: Blue eyes. Of course it’s not just that (though it is the deal breaker), Traue has this amazing look, like no matter what you throw at her she’ll keep busting through walls, which is why she wins out.
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Title: Along Came the Sun (Stars & Moon)
Rating: G - R
Status: Work In Progress
Main Characters: Amazons, Kal-El(Apollodoros), Diana, OCs.
Category: Drama, Angst, Deathfic, Alternate Universe/Elseworlds.
Summary: With the coming of Princess Diana, Eumelia yearns for a child of her own. Unexpectedly, a gift from the sky is given.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in the DCUniverse :)
Notes: N/A


Snippet: Sunshine of Your Heart

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Title: Sunshine of Your Heart
Fandom: DC
Character(s)/Pairing(s): OC, Clark Kent, Diana
Rating: G
Word count: 480
Summary: Snippet from Along Came the Sun (Stars and Moon) verse in which Kal-El lands on the Island of Themyscira. Written in response to the 'Library' challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] comicdrabbles.
Warnings: Massive AU

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I keep switching between English spelling and American; my father would be horrified if he knew >:(
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Just found Mugglenet.Com's Unofficial, Unauthorized and Unequaled Harry Potter Debates on Amazon and thought I'd have a read through. If you decide to have a gander or have already read it you'll know about the first topic that comes up: Should J.K.R Have Kept Dumbledore's Sexual Orientation Private?. I thought it rather good that there was a yes/no argument, showing two differing opinions. However these two quotes for the Yes argument annoyed me a fair bit.

"but from parents who were taken aback that a children's author would bring up a controversial topic" and "Not everyone was thrilled to discuss implications of a gay Dumbledore with underage children"

Parents seem to find anything and everything too...unsafe for their kids, coddling them to an insane degree. I say this because those quotes suggest a few things about parents these days, mostly that a fair amount of them are morons.
So, what is it they plan to do exactly? Ignore the fact that the little kid in the same class as their child has same gender parents? Hope your kid won't notice two females sharing a peck in the park? If you're uncomfortable with homosexual relationships because you're devoted to your religious beliefs (by which I mean you follow the bible etc to the letter; no shrimp, no tats, no lying, no stealing, no coveting etc) then fair enough. However, if you are not (religious to the letter or at all) then by ignoring the topic you're basically saying to your child that it is wrong which just means that your child will either grow up intolerant or misinformed. If your child discovers that their preference leans more towards same gender then their inner turmoil at finding out will just be worse, especially if they feel they can't go to their mother or father.

I say all this because people act like discussing same gendered relationships is the same as describing to a 5yr old in graphic detail what sex is. THEY ARE NOT NOR WILL THEY EVER BE IN THE SAME CATEGORY. Loving a person on a deeper level, being able to share a life with that person is totally different to the issue of the act of sex.
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Just got Google Earth! Did anyone else go to the moon and try searching for Watchtower? *facepalm*
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WOOOO! nearly filled out my app form for a provisional drivers licence and then all i have to do is a CBT course and I'll be another nuasance on the road! Wahey! I don't actually mind walking back from work but I will be glad when I don't have to cross the road just to avoid the groups of drunken people stumbling home.
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