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So there I am cleaning my teeth and wondering WHY LORD WHY?! I can't write a faffing thing. I realised the other day I hadn't done anything in two years and in that time I really hadn't cared, but now here I am ready and willing and all I can do is write down some ideas. At first I thought it was because it wasn't, like, four in the morning as the AMs were the only time I used to get anything written, despite being dizzy with the need to sleep and practically drooling on my pillow. Since I'm not willing to do that anymore I thought 'what the hell', rolled my eyes and prepared myself for a cringe fest as opened a few pages to reread my fics, thinking it might prod something in my brain. It didn't. HOWEVER! While most of my stuff is 'Oh jeez, did I really write like that?! and deserved quite a few facepalms one or two weren't that bad. Yeah most of them are on the extreme side of fluffy AND there it is! Fluffy! What I want to write now has a bit of conflict involved and I have absolutely no idea how to write it! The times I've tried have ended up with me looking back later and going OMFG are you a moron?! Are you retarded?! What is this crap?! (Comes courtesy of Miller!Batman. Ick.) The drama was just so overblown and UGH and not needed at all.

I have no idea how to even approach small conflicts between characters and is it really any wonder? I grew up watching things like Eastenders and Coronation Street where your sister is actually your mother and your great uncle is your dad. Where your son turns out to be a psycho who pushes you down the stairs and your third husband turns out to be a serial killer who ends up trying to kill your entire family. I can't even watch romcoms any more without expecting the main character to get bludgeoned by a car right before he/she expresses their undying love!

On rare occasions I can be stubbornly resilient, therefore I refuse to let this stop me. I have come out of the hermit cave known as my room, am in my most comfy clothes with my superman t-shirt to keep me going and am most definitely not getting distracted by Scrubs.
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Could someone out there help me figure this out? It’s making my head hurt.

(Spoilers if you haven't seen the last couple of episodes)

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