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SPN: WOO! The poor Hell Hounds need some love, they keep getting shot at :(
Also love the actor that plays Crowley! In fact I think it is safe to say that I've loved all the actors/actresses that have played villains on this show (except for the Wildfire girl, blondie was a much better Ruby).

Dragon Ball: Evolution is badly written Highschool fanfic.

Deadpool breaks my heart (90's issues). I've read some of the newer issues and while they are funny it's kinda like the last seasons of Friends and Scrubs. You enjoy them but there's no real depth or realness to the characters like there was in the beginning.

Still having trouble putting my Amazon!Clark story into writing. I want to write, I do! I just can't be bothered DX
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So there I am cleaning my teeth and wondering WHY LORD WHY?! I can't write a faffing thing. I realised the other day I hadn't done anything in two years and in that time I really hadn't cared, but now here I am ready and willing and all I can do is write down some ideas. At first I thought it was because it wasn't, like, four in the morning as the AMs were the only time I used to get anything written, despite being dizzy with the need to sleep and practically drooling on my pillow. Since I'm not willing to do that anymore I thought 'what the hell', rolled my eyes and prepared myself for a cringe fest as opened a few pages to reread my fics, thinking it might prod something in my brain. It didn't. HOWEVER! While most of my stuff is 'Oh jeez, did I really write like that?! and deserved quite a few facepalms one or two weren't that bad. Yeah most of them are on the extreme side of fluffy AND there it is! Fluffy! What I want to write now has a bit of conflict involved and I have absolutely no idea how to write it! The times I've tried have ended up with me looking back later and going OMFG are you a moron?! Are you retarded?! What is this crap?! (Comes courtesy of Miller!Batman. Ick.) The drama was just so overblown and UGH and not needed at all.

I have no idea how to even approach small conflicts between characters and is it really any wonder? I grew up watching things like Eastenders and Coronation Street where your sister is actually your mother and your great uncle is your dad. Where your son turns out to be a psycho who pushes you down the stairs and your third husband turns out to be a serial killer who ends up trying to kill your entire family. I can't even watch romcoms any more without expecting the main character to get bludgeoned by a car right before he/she expresses their undying love!

On rare occasions I can be stubbornly resilient, therefore I refuse to let this stop me. I have come out of the hermit cave known as my room, am in my most comfy clothes with my superman t-shirt to keep me going and am most definitely not getting distracted by Scrubs.


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