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I'm bored/tired, hence the post :)

My fav songs of the week: Fightstar '99 (You and I)'
Nancy Sinatra 'Bang Bang' and Marilyn Manson's 'Heart Shaped Glasses'

In other news DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES OMG!!!! Lynette and Tom's hand holding scene made me melt (I cried a little), they're at each other so much it's not until moments like those that you really see the relationship as something strong.

Been watching repeats of The O.C, final ep rocked btw! I was sad when Marissa died (not much of a character, meh) but I don't think the others could have gotten to where they were with her around.

Ugly Betty continues to make me laugh XD

Smallville: Clana induced gagging! I liked the Lois parts, though I was shouting 'he so screwed her' most of the time.

No idea why I'm watching Hollyoaks, it keeps getting crappier.

Completely unrelated - MY DREAM befuddles me, it is the closest I've come to an erotic dream (apart from the naked fairies one), if you can even call it that :S I'm under water and theres these blue pebbles at the bottom (like in a fishtank) and a playground. Mermaid!me swims around until this merdude (who has no face) comes along, pins me to the jungle gym an we kinda just rub together. I wake up.....

Anyone feel free to share dreams :P My RL friends say I'm too open bout this kinda stuff so I'm hoping no one here thinks I'm doolalie :D

Also I was inspired to write Clollie, stuck atm :'( no title either
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OMG *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* SQUEEs AT THE O.C!!! GAH! soooo much lurve for this episode.

I can't believe it's over :(
The O.C was getting better too without Marissa.
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I'm watching The O.C and a few moments ago one of the minor characters came on, he looked familiar so I checked out who he was and guess what?! He's the guy who plays young Lex in 'Memoria' only now he has this horrible afro thing going on instead of being bald, poor dude.

Anyway most people who watch both shows probs already figured it out but I'm kinda unbelievably slow.


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