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My sister needs a whack round the head. She told me the reason she is marrying M *makes flailing motion* 'It would have been impolite to say No'

I have no words to express how much I wish we didn't share the same DNA.
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Put money into my bank today, now I can buy more G.Ns YAY! I love having my own credit card!! XD

Eck my sister's wedding is gonna happen, I'll be wearing a dress *looks horrified* I remember being a bridesmaid when I was little (around three/four, after that I shot up) and it itched like hell. At least I can look forward to seeing my Bro when he comes over (not the one who doesn't know my name)

My Clollie story is bugging me, I haven't gotten anywhere atm :(
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We will use our impressive machine to pulse energy into Earth's core using fast paced thrusters, where, within a matter of seconds, pressure will build to heightened proportions causing your world to explode.
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I thought the newest Bond movie was a loada shit (I do like Daniel Craig as an actor) didn't, at time, stop me from wanting to watch any new ones coming out but if this is true I'm swearing off the whole thing altogether, seriously, IT IS WRONG!!!!!



May. 13th, 2007 12:17 pm
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I bruised my butt!!! Now everytime I sit down I get an aching pain :(
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I'm never going out again, never ever ever...ever.
Uncle Roy (yeah I don't know who he is either) invited us to his gig thing, didn't wanna go, said yes anyway to make mum happy and OMYFRICKENGOD awkward. The pub we were at was full of family/friends, I knew four people, two of which were mummy dearest & grandad. I thought about takin up smoking just to spite her but then choked when a guy lit a cigarette next to me. The inner monologue of 'please take me home' & 'Oh God make it STOP' started five minutes in, it took me 40 to actually ask to go home.

I can't believe I got dressed for that :(
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Nicked from Batfan_Sarah

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Nabbed from sadiebabi

I will get this eventually, LJ will not beat me, no it won't.

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Another Questionnaire )
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That's kinda confusing, also Spiderman turned EMO!

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I've missed you bed!

Questionnaire )
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Why do we have to label our sexuality? It's confusing. :(
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The male species are insensitive pricks, even the nice ones.
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KV bunny has been gnawing at my leg for 3 months now. I've gotten so obessessed with it I have organised folders and four word documents to help me out, you'd think I would have written a lot by now *sigh* not even a whole page yet *bangs head repeatedly*
I'm gonna be old & senile by the time I finish it, I still have stuff from two years ago.

And it's not the TVs fault! Ever since I gave TV up for books and internet I've been getting dumber! :'(

TV has welcomed me back with open arms btw, it has missed me.

Visited the big sis yesterday (first time since last year *cringe*)
I love her and all that crap but we have nothing to talk about and its always so awkward. Same with the rest of the family apart from A&E (accident & emergency) but I try to avoid them now due to how fucked up they are.

My legs are feeling worse, I'm to tall to be sleeping on this iddy couch.


Mar. 25th, 2007 06:06 pm
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Inner Voice: I'm Boooooooored.

Me: Finish one of the stories clogging up the WIP folder.

Inner Voice: Can't be bothered.

Me: Do some work.

Inner Voice: I don't want to!

Me: Then read a book.

Inner Voice: No, I want Clark/Bruce!

Me: GRRRRRRrrrrrrr


Jan. 23rd, 2007 11:39 am
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I can't believe it! I actually left my laptop to do some exercise.
My mum couldn't get a partner for badminton (she even phoned austria :P) so she asked me to play. I said ok cause everyone else let her down.
I didn't think I'd like it but I had a lot of fun, we played with St & An, and though I lost my pairs game I was told I'm good for a beginner. Woot! It's abit weird cause I never usually spend anytime with my mum at all but over the past two weeks we've been shopping, had dinner together in a restaurant, played a friendly game of pool against another pub (I won my round!) and tomorrow we are going running. Hmmmmmm. I wonder how long this will last?


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