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SPN: WOO! The poor Hell Hounds need some love, they keep getting shot at :(
Also love the actor that plays Crowley! In fact I think it is safe to say that I've loved all the actors/actresses that have played villains on this show (except for the Wildfire girl, blondie was a much better Ruby).

Dragon Ball: Evolution is badly written Highschool fanfic.

Deadpool breaks my heart (90's issues). I've read some of the newer issues and while they are funny it's kinda like the last seasons of Friends and Scrubs. You enjoy them but there's no real depth or realness to the characters like there was in the beginning.

Still having trouble putting my Amazon!Clark story into writing. I want to write, I do! I just can't be bothered DX
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Old Deadpool comics are surprisingly hard to find :( No fair.

SPN: The guy who plays Lucifer is freaking awesome! Not too sure about overall love but I did enjoy a lot of scenes in Hammer of the God's, especially the ones with Gabriel *squishes him*

Working behind a bar brings out the homicidal urges in a person. People still haven't figured out that they should pause in their flailing/step aside when a person carrying eight glasses is attempting to get by.
We also ran out of five pound notes so I got charged with going to get some. Apparently most pubs/clubs/restaurants have the same problem though so it was a huge suck fest of me running about all over town and getting an apologetic 'No, sorry'. I even got the "I'm French" line. In the end a nice cab driver helped me out.
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If our next door neighbour keeps revving up his bike I might have to slash his tires :D

Smallville rented out Hogwarts. Clark/Tess continues to vex. Clark apologises again, while Chloe is all powerful and should never be questioned . Chlollie make me want to vomit. That is all.

SPN: Bit meh.
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I don't think an episode has gone by in which I haven't wailed, "Deeeeeeeeaaaaaan!" Poor guy can't catch a break.
A sentence or two of not so spoilery spoilers )
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You scored as Batman, You are Batman. You fear being alone, but more than that, you fear *becoming* alone. You hate the saying "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." That's total bullshit, and you know first-hand. You tend to overanylize things - you're very intelligent. You also have a dry, cynical sense of humor. You're a chronic perfectionist and feel very deeply. You have more friends than you think.


















which batman character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

I'm a bad, bad girl! I got Supernatural on DVD and teh Sexiness distracted me from writing *hides* I need to catch up but I'm feeling lazy...


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