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Just got Google Earth! Did anyone else go to the moon and try searching for Watchtower? *facepalm*
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WOOOO! nearly filled out my app form for a provisional drivers licence and then all i have to do is a CBT course and I'll be another nuasance on the road! Wahey! I don't actually mind walking back from work but I will be glad when I don't have to cross the road just to avoid the groups of drunken people stumbling home.
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Old Deadpool comics are surprisingly hard to find :( No fair.

SPN: The guy who plays Lucifer is freaking awesome! Not too sure about overall love but I did enjoy a lot of scenes in Hammer of the God's, especially the ones with Gabriel *squishes him*

Working behind a bar brings out the homicidal urges in a person. People still haven't figured out that they should pause in their flailing/step aside when a person carrying eight glasses is attempting to get by.
We also ran out of five pound notes so I got charged with going to get some. Apparently most pubs/clubs/restaurants have the same problem though so it was a huge suck fest of me running about all over town and getting an apologetic 'No, sorry'. I even got the "I'm French" line. In the end a nice cab driver helped me out.
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If our next door neighbour keeps revving up his bike I might have to slash his tires :D

Smallville rented out Hogwarts. Clark/Tess continues to vex. Clark apologises again, while Chloe is all powerful and should never be questioned . Chlollie make me want to vomit. That is all.

SPN: Bit meh.


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