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Just found Mugglenet.Com's Unofficial, Unauthorized and Unequaled Harry Potter Debates on Amazon and thought I'd have a read through. If you decide to have a gander or have already read it you'll know about the first topic that comes up: Should J.K.R Have Kept Dumbledore's Sexual Orientation Private?. I thought it rather good that there was a yes/no argument, showing two differing opinions. However these two quotes for the Yes argument annoyed me a fair bit.

"but from parents who were taken aback that a children's author would bring up a controversial topic" and "Not everyone was thrilled to discuss implications of a gay Dumbledore with underage children"

Parents seem to find anything and everything too...unsafe for their kids, coddling them to an insane degree. I say this because those quotes suggest a few things about parents these days, mostly that a fair amount of them are morons.
So, what is it they plan to do exactly? Ignore the fact that the little kid in the same class as their child has same gender parents? Hope your kid won't notice two females sharing a peck in the park? If you're uncomfortable with homosexual relationships because you're devoted to your religious beliefs (by which I mean you follow the bible etc to the letter; no shrimp, no tats, no lying, no stealing, no coveting etc) then fair enough. However, if you are not (religious to the letter or at all) then by ignoring the topic you're basically saying to your child that it is wrong which just means that your child will either grow up intolerant or misinformed. If your child discovers that their preference leans more towards same gender then their inner turmoil at finding out will just be worse, especially if they feel they can't go to their mother or father.

I say all this because people act like discussing same gendered relationships is the same as describing to a 5yr old in graphic detail what sex is. THEY ARE NOT NOR WILL THEY EVER BE IN THE SAME CATEGORY. Loving a person on a deeper level, being able to share a life with that person is totally different to the issue of the act of sex.


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