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UGLY BETTY IS SO COOOOOL! and yay I just figured out how to change the pic without changing the default one :D

Hey I told you I was slow!
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Goddamnit!! The highest word count I've had for a story is just above 4000 (which admittedly is very impressive for me) so why can't I get past 800 on my Clark/Bruce fics?!

Maybe I've become defaulty in my old age :(
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I'm hungry, there is no edible food in the house, mum is on holiday. Also I have to save up for mum's b-day so going down the shops is not an option and the pizza guys creep me out, I mean hello! what kinda delivery service asks a 16 yr old if they live alone?!.

This stupid story isn't helping my mood either. I'm trying to write the first installment of my Holding On bunny (3 in total cause I can't be arsed to do more) *bangs head against wall* I got to 113 words and now nothing is coming to me, usually music helps but thats been a bust too.

I've had stomach pains all day.
My grandad came round in the morning, immediately grating my nerves always trying to take over. What the fuck is so hard about understanding instructions. Mum said ONE NEW WARDROBE. nothing else. So what does he do? Goes straight to my bedroom, snarks about the mess and continues to tell me he'll try to get a new bed & two wardrobes even after I told him no.

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK! its MY bedroom. If I want a new bed I'll ask, if I want more space taken out of my already tiny room I'll FUCKING WELL ask!!

The hell? if you don't want to answer people's calls don't redirect them to the home phone, put your mobile onto voice mail, why is that so GODDAMN hard?

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! I really wanna cry.

Yes, I will stop bitching now.
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Wheeeeeee! Ann Summers party in 14 minutes...I should probs go get ready :D
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Plot bunnies? I can handle perfectly fine, even the angsty ones that should be banished.
Little hopping breathing bunnies? I love!
Teddy bunnies? I hug!
So if you bother to read further I hope you get why I am now scarred for life, for I don't think I'll ever be able to see a bunnie again and not be creeped out.

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Jan. 28th, 2007 04:16 pm
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Anytime I see something sad I turn into an emotional wreck, all teary-eyed and sniffly. I just watched 'Ryan' S.S2 and nearly burst into tears, it's not just me right? Cause it really is an upsetting episode. 'Identity Crisis' was absolutly gut-renching agony. Maybe I should just stop watching/reading angsty things.

: (

Jan. 24th, 2007 06:49 am
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Oh dear lord, I just read the 'Emperor Joker' scans at World's Finest. *Whimper* It made tears come to my eyes. I need to go heal my heart.

(Definitely on my To Buy list)


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