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SPN: WOO! The poor Hell Hounds need some love, they keep getting shot at :(
Also love the actor that plays Crowley! In fact I think it is safe to say that I've loved all the actors/actresses that have played villains on this show (except for the Wildfire girl, blondie was a much better Ruby).

Dragon Ball: Evolution is badly written Highschool fanfic.

Deadpool breaks my heart (90's issues). I've read some of the newer issues and while they are funny it's kinda like the last seasons of Friends and Scrubs. You enjoy them but there's no real depth or realness to the characters like there was in the beginning.

Still having trouble putting my Amazon!Clark story into writing. I want to write, I do! I just can't be bothered DX
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So when I was in Junior school (YR3 - YR6) I'd spend most of my time at my best friend's house watching Dragon Ball Z with him (or at least trying; his brothers would usually act out a scene or two, effectively getting in the way of the TV). Some great memories there. I even had a crush on Piccolo...AND NOW LOOK WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO HIM!!!

Spoilers for the crappy looking live action DBZ movie )


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