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These arn't that good and have quite a few faults but I had fun with them anyway.
They were orginally for my Art C/W, I dropped out though so they've been lying in my bedroom unfinished. Ignore the information I've stuck on the pics (from wiki & other sources)

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Apr. 6th, 2007 08:02 pm
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Ms Tweet (purple) is a divored blob in her 30's struggling through life working in the city morgue with a kid who doesn't appreciate her.

Miss Sue (pink) is a 19yr who has no ambition in life except to become a penniless writer and live happily ever after with her shining knightess. Sue helps out Ms Tweet on weekends. She has been in love with Ms Tweet since 8th grade.

SQUEENESS John Paul has a crush!! (Hollyoaks)

Yesterday's ep squicked me, dunno why, I've seen and read much worse then a boyfriend crushing his girl's fingers...maybe thats why I didn't like it, cause everythings done so over the top in fics and movies you just forget those subtle manipulations that can be just as bad.
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Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the character.

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Title: Untitled
Characters: Batman, Clark
Rating: PG just to be safe.

A.N/Warning: I am not an artist nor am I likely to ever be one, I just remembered Batfan_Sarah's meme about writers doing the art thing and vice versa...so yeah.
The image in the bubble is taken from the Smallville episode 'Spell'.

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