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SV: Season 11 makes me want to cry...in a good way!! I seriously enjoyed the first issue so there goes more of my money :D 
WARNING: contains potentially spoilery images from 52: Superman #0

img003 No stupid extra boxes! NO STUPID EXTRA BOXES!!! YES! What an issue to come back too: zombie presidents and a cracky Batman reference!  :D *is happy*

img005 I've only actually read one other comic where Lara & Jor-El had a prominent role and that was The Last Family of Krypton. They didn't really leave that big an impression on me but this is devoted to the absolute awesomeness that is Kal-El's birth parents. Jor-El is a smarty pants who needs his wife to save him from his smarty pants ways (there is a moment in the beginning where a little arrogance worms its way in :P) and Lara is a kickarse Military Scientist XD


Gender equality has been running through my head a bit lately (mostly due to horrors like Cabin in the Woods & the re-vamped Friday the 13th) so when I saw this:
wonderwoman  I was a annoyed...Though not for long because the artist came through and gave us this:
datass I don't mind naked woman or butt shots...as long as there are naked men and their butts right along side them. Just to, you know, keep everything equal ;P
Overall I'm very happy with all my purchases today *happy fangirl dance*
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