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WOOOO! nearly filled out my app form for a provisional drivers licence and then all i have to do is a CBT course and I'll be another nuasance on the road! Wahey! I don't actually mind walking back from work but I will be glad when I don't have to cross the road just to avoid the groups of drunken people stumbling home.

Spoons is good atm. Made a few boo boos however they've all been pretty understanding thankfully and I like to think I've grown more confident and tbh just plain better in the way I work over the last couple of weeks. Before I was forgeting everything and timid with everyone. The managers make me want to scream though. JJ is nice except when he isn't, the mans all smiles one minute and the next hes making you cry. G is a real sweetie, I haven't had any problems with him personally and hes been great to me. Have heard he can go over board with the blokes so maybe its just cause I'm a girl :/ R is a complete control freak. He tells you to take initiative one minute and the next hes saying only do something if he tells you to. Men. L is the only woman manager. Shes a good laugh but a bit scatty.

Overall I love working. Absolutely fabulous!! XD

Now that I have money (DANCES) I've blown most of it on crap just cause I can. I'll probs start thinking about saving once the highs worn off :P


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